A chemical can enter the body by different ways. Four main routes chemicals can enter the body are:

  • Inhalation
  • Dermal exposure (skin)
  • Ingestion (oral)
  • Injection

--Air can be contaminated and can be inhaled. When air is inhaled it goes through the mouth and nose then into the lungs.

--When chemicals are touched the chemical can go through the skin and into the bloodstream.

--Chemicals can be accidentally swallowed
if food, cigarettes, or if your hands are contaminated.

--Injection is one way that chemicals enter the body. In some workplaces they have sharp objects which can punctures the skin and can inject a chemical or virus directly to your bloodstream.

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Apple.jpgThinking Map

Food can contain chemicals without someone knowing. Ingestion


When your cut with an sharp object, chemicals or any virus can go directly to your blood stream. Injection

Air can contain chemicals, and you can breathe them in. Inhalationchemicals1.gifhttp://tinyurl.com/y928dnd

Chemicals can be touched, then the chemicals go through your skin and to your bloodstream. Dermal ExposurePS2.jpghttp://tinyurl.com/yfopnol