Hey, Welcome to my Wiki!!!! Today I am going to talk to you about, how scientist test chemicals to determine if the chemical is safe for humans???

Laboratory animals are not only use to study diseases, they are also used to test chemicals on animals. Before any chemical is giving to the public it has to go by test to prove and to see if the chemical is safe for humans.

The chemical have to go by some steps, First they have to see if the chemical is effective to animals and they have to see if it has low incidence of side effect. the second step is to test the chemical with two different type of animal species, they give the chemical to the animal and leave it there for 30 to 90 days, the animals are carefully monitored for side effects. Step 3 When the 30 to 90 days are over they start to study the animals inside for any damage or signs of the chemical . They have to record everything they find and see so they can give it to the FDA ( Food and Drug Administration). They test two different animal species because all animals are not alike, some animals are toxic to something that the other animal is not. Not all chemicals take up to 90 days some can take up to 4 years before they can give it to the people. Step 4 the FDA has to see the results, if the Chemical is harmless to animals they can start to test it on humans by clinical testing. Step 5, if the chemical is harmless to humans or have any minor symptoms they can put the chemical on the counter and be sold to the public.


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