Kool-Aid® Bonanza
(Melissa-95, Becky-90, Azalea-95, Asia-90)

Problem: (Azalea]
What amount of sugar, water, and kool-aid powder create the best recipe for kool-aid ?

Hypothesis: (Azalea]

We think the best recipe for kool-aid may consist of at least 237 mL of water no more than 6g of kool-aid no less than 7g of sugar .

237 mL of water 237 mL of water 237mL of water
6 g of kool aid powder 8 g of kool-aid 10g of kool-aid
7g of sugar 7g of sugar 8g of sugar

Procedures: (Asia]

1. Get your materials needed for this lab which is kool-aid, water, sugar, cups, and straws.
2. Measure out 5,000 mL of water.
3. Measure 237 mL of water in a cup.
4. Then you measure out 10 grams of kool-aid.
5. Then pour the kool-aid in the cup.
6. Then you measure out 8 grams of sugar.
7. Then pour the sugar into the cup.
8. Then begin to stir the mixture around with your straw.
9. Then take a sip . umm umm umm DELICIOUS !

Observations: (Becky]
When we began on the second day, we where just guessing on how much kool-aid powder and sugar would make it taste right. On the first try it had no flavor to it and need more powder and sugar. The second estimate that we did was add a little bit more of powder and sugar. The kool-aid was sweet but not too sweet. We thought there was just enough sugar and powder. It wasn't see through either.

Conclusion: (Melissa]

We where wrong about our hypothesis because it turned out that 237mL of wat and 6g of kool-aid and 7g of sugar, turned out that it needed more sugar and kool-aid powder. The best Kool-Aid recipe was the second try which was 237 mL of water, 10g. of Kool-Aid, and 8g. of sugar. This recipe was sweet but not too sweet.