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The liver helps get rid of toxins.

The liver is also involved with the break down of toxins.

The liver is the body's detoxifier which means it gets rid of the toxins.

Cells in the liver contain powerful enzymes that break down toxins found in things we eat.

Ammonia - a toxic product found in digestion of proteins is converted into 'urea' by the liver and then removed from the body by urine. When the liver eliminates the toxins, then you are eliminating the body's need to form tumors. This is also where our medicines are broken down.

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the skin

The skin is also an organ that protects your body from toxins. When you sweat you are giving off the bad toxins in your body, so for all you people who do not like to go to p.e because you do not like to get sweaty, you are losing out. Your body is not releasing the bad toxins. Ex. When you get sick your mom tells you to rap up, that is to get hot and sweat out the toxins that are making you sick. So when you feel yourself getting sick the best thing to do is to go run and sweat it out.

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